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E-learning education system in India has become popular with the time. As we put our focus on previous records, revenue that earned from e-learning was $6 billion in 2003 worldwide and it will get $21 billion by 2008. In India where major section of population belong to middle income group and it is not possible for them to join regular classes as a result they join work force early in their life, it is easy for them to get e-learning education to secure their career and future. Along with this in India where half of population is below 25 year of age but internet users increases continuously.

In early days e-learning was adopt by company to get their face-to-face meetings, demonstrations, training classes and lectures. Now, many schools, institutes, colleges used this type of technology to get their students familiar with e-learning. Many IT courses, English courses, job oriented courses and many competitive examinations like IIT-JEE exams conducted via e-learning technology. E-learning education is very popular among youngsters to take up degree courses from universities located at long distance. E-learning connected large geographical area and distribute education where it is not possible for faculty to reach. Many reputed institutes like Indian Institute of Management, Indian Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade are offering e-learning courses.

The Gurukul online Solutions offers various jobs and careers oriented education through live virtual classroom, connected more than 180 cities across India. As in India where an internet user increases continuously make future of e-learning industry very bright. This led to up coming of new e-learning technologies that makes students close to their colleges established at long distance. It is easy for companies to get their employees trained through various new e-learning technologies. E-learning has created its favorable image in the market but it is just beginning, more work is to be needed to get e-learning successful in India.

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