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GRE - Graduate Record Examination

GRE is stands for Graduate record examination, which is required to pass out to take admission in graduate schools of English speaking countries like United States. Education Testing Services is the council that created and administered GRE. Vocabulary, math and analytical writing are the main area covered by graduate record examination. There are selected GRE testing centers in the different parts of world, which offer computer base GRE exam and where technology is not so develop yet they allow paper base examination.

It is your GRE score that enables you to get admission in graduate schools in English countries. The importance of GRE scores varies between schools. In some schools it is an important factor in term of admission and in some schools it is just formality.

GRE test Plan
1.) Graduate Record Examination consists two parts general test and subject test in psychology.
2.) General test part of GRE exam is divided into three different parts i.e verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing.
3.) Subject test part of GRE exam is to test and examine the psychological knowledge of student need for graduate study. Score for both parts is 200-800.
4.) Score above 450 is considered good and there is chance to get admission in any graduate school. For doctoral programs it is required to get atleast 550 score in both parts of GRE exam.
5.) Registration is compulsory for taking GRE exam for general part test you can get date of your choice but at the time of subject test it is required to register atleast six weeks in advance.
6.) Registration can be done online or by mail on filling registration form in the GRE information and registration bulletin. This bulletin can obtain online or by writing to : GRE, CN 6000, Princeton, NJ 08541-6000.

Preparation for GRE exams

To get good score in GRE go through studies systematically. Read and solve previous GRE papers. Get prepare your vocabulary, reading comprehension, geometry and algebra. The main thing is to give time. Give your full hours and efforts to get good score in GRE. It is better to give general test in November because if in case u loses in first attempt, you get sufficient time for re attempt in December.