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Placement Consultants are agencies that help you in finding right job that matches with your degree and experience. It plays as middleman role between employers and employee. Most of the companies that are not able to hire candidates from the colleges they submit their requirement of job opening in these agencies. On other hand jobseeker contact these placement centers to get detail of these job. For entry level or when you move from one industry to another these placement consultants are very helpful they guide you as per the needs and the trend of the industry.

Many placement consultants charge half of your first month salary and also charge some percentage from employers. Paying money in advance to these agencies will increase the chance of getting recruit. With the help of these placement consultants you can know the demand and trend of the industry. These days many placement agencies provide online services in which jobseeker only submit their resume on their website. Besides these placement centers there are many websites that act as placement agencies. These websites consists various section each one divided into different fields. Candidates only select their field of interest and submit their resume under that category. In turn companies approach to these candidates that matches with job opening.

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