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Primary education is the second step in the education world. First one is pre-school means nursery where children develop their mind, brain and conscious. Pre-school is followed by primary education and primary education is followed by secondary education. In some country primary education is also known as elementary education. In most of the countries education system comprises five parts. Firstly Nursery, primary education, secondary education, graduation and finally postgraduate. Literacy and numeracy are the main fields that primary education wants to achieve among all pupils. Every country having their own plans to make education accessible to children.

Primary education is provided in the school where one primary teacher look after them. Teacher teaches them and maintains close relationship with children, so that teacher can easily analyze child weakness, habits, area of concern etc that helps children in the development of their brain, to come over their weakness and learn many things regarding maintaining discipline in the schools. All these efforts of primary teacher help children in their secondary education. At the age of six primary education starts and end at nine year of age. After nine year of age children go for secondary education. Many countries try improve their primary education system by increasing primary teachers, improving their training session, giving more facilities to children like learning materials, textbooks etc. is a site whose primary aim is to provide all useful data and list of universities and education centers all over the world. From this point of view in this section brings list of all colleges, universities and institutes of Delhi from each possible streams like Delhi Engineering Colleges, Delhi Management Colleges, Delhi Medical Colleges, Delhi IT Colleges, Delhi Law Colleges etc with the aim to satisfy students from each stream to large extent.

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