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Distance Learning is sort of education where students can work along with their studies. It gives students opportunity to grow more in their career as they can work without leaving company in which they are presently engaged. As we analyzed previous records, find that more students have enrolled in distance education as compared to previous years. This shows that interest of students towards to distance education in India increses with the time. As we know there is huge competition in the cooperate world, it is not easy for one to sustained so everyone wants to carry on with their studies without leaving job. Students who cannot afford regular classes can go for distance education, fees of these education is very less as compared to regular courses.

Admission to Distance education in India is very easy as many institutes are opened to provide weekend classes on distance learning courses. They mainly focused on Universities in India. Students have option to select university and course and after selecting they can start their studies on their own and can attend classes on weekend basis.

Distance Learning Abroad

Distance learning abroad is same as in India but the difference it that institutes that offer Distance learning abroad they put focus on universities in abroad. These universities providing various correspondence courses as distance education through many private institutes in India.

World Edu Hub is a site whose primary aim is to provide all usefull data and list of universities and education centers all over the world. From this point of view in this sectsion brings list of all colleges, universities in India and abroad providing corrospondence courses from each possible streams like Engineering Colleges, Management Colleges, Medical Colleges, IT Colleges, Law Colleges etc with the aim to satisfy students from each stream to large extent.