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Sri Lanka, from ancient times had a tradition of considering learning as a valued treasure and there was a developed system of education with great seats of learning equivalent to present day universities. Although with foreign invasions there was a decline and breakdown of the ancient education system the resurgence of modern school system since the last century is a testimony to the underlying influence of these ancient traditions in our society.

Today the development of technology, in particular the application of Information Communication Technology (ICT) has revolutionized learning methodologies. It has immensely facilitated the dissemination of knowledge enabling to usher in a learning society. The government is keen on using this technology to introduce e-governance which will bring government services to the door-step of the people.

The Ministry of Education in keeping with this policy has established a web-site which will contain all the information that the public as well as those interested in educational research require, so that anybody could access this information easily. The ministry will keep this web-site up-dated regularly so that the latest information will be available to the general public.

I also wish to request the public to give their views on our policies, plans and activities so that we get a feedback to amend our programmes in keeping with the wishes of the people. I wish that this web-site will be an invaluable tool for the general public and the policy makers.