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The role of parents, partners and spouses
When a student applies for financial help, local authorities work out how much they could get in the form of student loans and grants by looking at their income, and that of their household.

This means that parents, partners and spouses of students are often asked to support student applications for financial help by providing their own financial details.

To find out more about the roles and obligations of parents, partners and spouses, and privacy of information, see 'The role of parents, spouses and partners'.

  • The role of parents, spouses and partners

How to provide information about your financial status
If a student makes their application for financial help using the paper application form (PN1), there is a section on this form provided for the parent, spouse or partner (sometimes known as 'sponsor') of a student to complete their details.

If the student has made their application online, you will be issued with security passwords and will then be given the choice to apply online or on paper.

Depending on the information you provide, you may be invited to send documentary evidence to your local authority. If so, you will be given appropriate guidance at the time you complete the application.

  • Contact your local authority (student finance applications) Opens new window

Providing your financial details online
The student must have completed their part of the application online before you can provide the financial details required.

If the student indicates on their application that you will provide your details online, the student will be given a unique ID (known as an Alias ID) to pass onto you. You cannot enter their information online without this Alias ID.

To provide financial details online in support of a student's application, you need to:

  • register and then log in to the student's online account
  • select 'Support an Application'
  • use the Alias ID to link your information with that of the student you are supporting

You will be given an Alias ID for every student you support.