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The School Net

Ministry of Education with Asian development bank funded secondary Education modernization project has taken the initiative to establish a wide-area network (wan) connecting most

Schoolnet will be the platform for the stakeholders In school education sector for:

  • 1000school
  • 90computer resource centers
  • 17 national colleges of education
  • Ministry if education
  • National institute of education
  • 8provincial ICT centers
  • Project management offices of secondary education modernization project

Learning and Teaching
Some activities happening in SchoolNet:

Intel(r) Teach Program

Many of us tend to think that SchoolNet is just a vehicle for accessing Internet or a mechanism for what is referred to as "E-Learning". But SchoolNet is much more than that.

SchoolNet provides a novel Learning and Teaching Environment for everyone - students and teachers. Consider this simple example: With access to all types of information available at a click of a button, a student finds information required for a subject assignment almost instantaneously. What does this mean for a teacher? A teacher might not be able to give a simple assignment any more. He/she needs to make sure that an assignment is not a mere reproduction of information taken from Internet rather a careful compilation or analysis of information extracted from different sources. This kind of compilation/analysis would bring the creativeness of students to the surface.

SchoolNet takes collaboration among students and teachers to a new level. At present these collaborations are mostly limited to individual class rooms/schools. This need not be the case any more as it is possible to create many forums/Interest groups within the SchoolNet community where members can come from any school. For example, there can be an online teacher forum for Grade 10 Science subject where teachers from all connected schools, trainee teachers from National Colleges of Education, curriculum specialists from National Institute of Education can participate. That will be a rich mix of people having different level of experience to discuss the ways and means of "Learning/Teaching Science". No longer is the requirement for you to travel to a far away place (E.g. Colombo) for a subject workshop like this. You can have online workshops at the comfort of your own school or even home. There can be a "Teacher Forum/Corner" for every subject in every grade!!

It is now universally accepted that Internet is a global information resource. Getting exposed to this global information resource can, in one way, be a scary thought. How do we handle this much of information? Here teachers need to play an active role in helping students to cope up with this information flow.

SchoolNet will undoubtedly test the teacher's creativity. With students and teachers being exposed to almost similar amount of information, teachers need to use their experience and maturity to guide the students to higher levels and allow the students to enjoy a "Learner Centered Environment"

It is planned to set up a web page for every subject in every grade and these pages will contain virtually all the information that a teacher/student require and teacher/student feedback on these pages will be used to continuously improve its quality and relevance.